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Tom Hiddleston - I Want My Nerd HQ (x)

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Loki’s princess throw

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Well, I am thinking of one particular way we could make noises together

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"Thor Battles the Einherjar (Extended)

"No killing."

Thor Prevents Loki from Stabbing a Guard

Source: Disney Movies Anywhere Extras Uploaded for those outside US. Apparently they don’t count as ‘Anywhere’

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The mating dance of the Hazledine-men.

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The Cube Calendar (2013) by Philip Stroomberg

With this beautiful design-calendar, Philip Stroomberg has added an innovative twist to the concept of the tear-off calendar. Not a messy sheaf of paper hanging from a nail on your wall, but a compact object that subtly changes shape in your hands: by tearing off a card each day, you reveal the workings of time.

Divided into six rows, hundreds of cardboard cards line up, held together as a cube by two binding screws. The cards have been punched from two sheets of Algro Design. There’s a card for each day and, every few days, a card with a quote about time – a humorous observation or a philosophical aphorism. “‘What day is it?’ ‘It’s today,’ squeaked Piglet. ‘My favourite day,’ said Pooh.” Or this statement from philosopher Bertrand Russell: ‘The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.’

EDIT: Someone wondered about a 2014 Cube Calendar. You can order it here in case anyone else is seriously considering buying one.


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Artist James Kerr creates incredibly weird gifs out of Renaissance art and it’s all incredible.  


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